Peru is such an explosion of colors, characters, culture and some of the most diverse landscapes I’ve ever experienced.

I was just as enchanted by everyday life in Peru, the chatter and clamor of the markets, to the cobblestone streets steeped in history, as I was by its immense beauty.

I traveled to Iquitos, Lima, Arequipa and Cuzco and a few villages in between for over one month. One month, however, was not nearly enough time to dedicate to this incredibly diverse and fascinating country, and I will eagerly await the chance to go back.


Adorable Quechua girls in a market in Pisac
Woman Arequipa
Woman selling fruits on the streets of Arequipa
Lovely geometric farming terraces in Pisac, which are sitll used today
Machu Pichu stairs
Steps shrouded in mist of Machu Pichu
Inca Woman Peru.jpg
Quechua woman and her lamb
Nick Selva Madre
Fellow Ayahuasca student hiding in Chakruna leaves
Machu Pichu copy1
The one and only, Machu Pichu


Go to Peru you say? Alpaca my bags today!
Exquisite Architecture of Pisac

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