Purple Hazy Clay Beds

The desert is full of surprises, especially when you know where to find them! These clay beds outside Kanab, Utah made me feel like I was swirling in the midst of a Jimi Hendrix song circa 1967(cue phsychedelic guitar riff of “Purple Haze).

BuckskinGulch copy10Even without mind-altering enhancements, these clay beds are a far-out, surreal landscape of magenta, violet and mustard. Ombre ribbons adorn these strange, dried hills to create an art deco museum in the middle of the desert.

claybeds copy

Claybeds copy

Lucky for us, however, this museum is completely free and created by nature. Called the “chinle” formation, these vibrant clay beds are made of fine sediments left from ancient lakes, river beds and volcanic ash, where they are then deposited into these cracked, speckled mounds.

BuckskinGulch copy13

Whoever said geology wasn’t a party obviously hasn’t been to this trippy geologic wonder!

Clay Beds


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